Arkessa offers world-class, global cellular connectivity services that enable our customers to deploy IoT devices and applications all over the world. We offer technical and commercial flexibility to help you discover the best cellular connectivity solution for your business and deployment model. Our secure network delivers data from your devices to a cloud-hosted connectivity management platform that integrates securely with your network and business systems.

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Flexible eUICC Connectivity

eUICC provides a single SKU for all markets, and the local MNO profile can be downloaded over the air at end destination [...]

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LPWA cellular solutions

Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) is a type of cellular technology that transmits smallamounts of data over long distances [...]

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Global cellular connectivity

Arkessa delivers global global IoT connectivity solutions that make it easy to design, deploy and manage your IoT [...]

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Managed Global Connectivity

With over 10 years’ experience in the IoT space, Arkessa offers dedicated support and commercial and technical flexibility to our ecosystem of partners [...]

Connectivity Management

Our powerful web-based management platforms give users visibility and control of their entire M2M device portfolio from any location, and at any time […]


Specialist Support Services

Arkessa offers world-class dedicated technical and commercial support to our ecosystem of partners […]

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