Arkessa enables Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connections anywhere in the world. We create and manage connections to fit all requirements and provide best-in-class customer service.

We have years of experience working with some great people.

Why choose Arkessa?

We are a one-stop shop for Wireless Connectivity to the IoT. We enable our Customers and Partners to connect to their devices regardless of network or technology.

Our goal is to future proof Enterprise connections to the IoT. Look at our Download page and discover how we can help you succeed in IoT.

Our Experience

Our specialist experience in M2M connectivity and management services has been built over many years through collaboration with a diverse range of customers, each with their own unique needs, challenges and purpose. See our Experience page for more.

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Arkessa, a leading M2M connectivity service provider, joins the MindSphere Partner Program as a gold partner and extends its support for Siemens’ products by adding encrypted global 4G data IoT connectivity services for MindSphere, the open IoT operating system from Siemens. Arkessa now provides secure and encrypted 4G data communication for MindConnect, as well as […]

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Automation and digitalisation are improving visibility throughout the production line and beyond, helping to optimise supply chain management, disrupting maintenance models, and facilitating customisation on a mass scale. Although the impact of a connected production line on manufacturing processes and customer experience is proving positive so far, there are challenges resulting from the implementation of […]

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