Global Cellular IoT

Connecting Everything from Shipping to Security Cameras

Arkessa enables IoT device and applications developers to connect to the Internet of Things, regardless of network operator or radio technology. We provide Enterprises with a secure and future-proof service that is easy to adopt, integrate and scale.

Arkessa’s cellular IoT connectivity as a service ensures reliable, resilient and cost-effective connectivity between wireless devices and private Enterprise networks. Secure global GPRS, 2G, 3G and 4G networks deliver data from the device to our cloud-hosted management platform that securely integrates with your Enterprise network and business systems.

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AVS Electronics: Smart Security with real-time data analysis

Smart security solutions including connected cameras, behavioural biometrics, and Smart Lighting solutions are revolutionising the ways in which we keep ourselves and our properties safe, while helping facilities managers and local authorities to save time and money

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IA Connects: Changing the way our buildings work for us

Businesses with complex or multiple sites can find it difficult to track and manage assets to maximise building performance, including energy usage, room occupancy and maintenance requirements.

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