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Arkessa offers world-class dedicated technical and commercial support to our ecosystem of partners and customers to enable you to design, deploy and manage IoT devices on a global scale, whatever your application or business model.

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Technical IoT Support

The Arkessa IoT Solutions Team offers specialist technical support to our customers and partners, from creating bespoke connectivity packages to troubleshooting and expert advice. 

Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal enables easy access to our FAQs and tutorials, and provides convenient access to our Customer Service teams by enabling you to create and monitor your support tickets online.

Panoramic View

Our connectivity management platform provides you with with ability to visualise your entire IoT connectivity portfolio. Graphical filtering really simplifies how you group, view and manage connections. A single view which abstracts network carrier, wireless technology and geography. We give you the tools to monitor device connection status and history across your portfolio. Remote diagnostics and management of device connections and data usage gives you the control you need to manage your portfolio.

Meet the Solutions Team

Join the Arkessa Solutions Team in the Ask Arkessa video series - demystifying IoT and answering some of the most common questions our customers ask. 

  • What are LPWAN technologies?
  • What is the 2G sunset?
  • Why do I need Arkessa?


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