The emergence of eUICC technology has been largely driven by Enterprise IoT users as a means to increase flexibility, optimise costs, and simplify logistics of production, distribution networks and global deployment.

eUICC represents a radical change in terms of how customers can select and change service provider profiles based on the different criteria of their choosing such as geography, data usage or other business rules. A number of industries have been especially eager to embrace this new technology, as it gives them an exciting new way to increase flexibility, optimise costs, and simplify the logistics involved in production and deployment, distribution networks and after-sales support.

At Arkessa we see OEMs and Enterprises engaging in eUICC for a number of different reasons. For example they may have :

  • IoT deployments which stay in the field for more than 2 years
  • Global supply chains or distribution networks
  • Mobility solutions (people/products/services) which require roaming
  • Higher Data applications where the connectivity (data plan) is more cost sensitive

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