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It’s well known that LEDs save energy and reduce costs.  However, luminaires are now able to go a step further thanks to the combination of physical IoT sensors and software. Enabling remote facilities management and offering increased security and flexibility for regional and global deployments, cellular connectivity powers smart lighting applications, anywhere in the world.

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Smart Lighting – Lights that do more!

Smart Lighting can combine cost and energy savings with data collection and sharing to give improved functionality and security, both at home and in a commercial setting.

How does it work?

Most smart lamps and luminaires connect wirelessly to each other creating a mesh-network controlled by a gateway which is plugged into a cellular router.  This allows communication between the lights and other IoT devices/software. SIMs can be added to individual street lights mitigating the need for mesh technologies.

What are the benefits?

  • Scene Setting - connected lighting is an excellent tool for increasing security, comfort and adding an extra element to entertaining. By 2021 it’s expected 25% of all luminaires sold will be part of a connected lighting system and around 70% of new commercial buildings will implement smart lighting.

  • Predictive Maintenance - Energy and performance reports can be sent to a building’s facility manager. Self-diagnostic testing is another feature. The system automatically identifies lighting components that are about to fail, providing predictive maintenance that saves time and money.

  • Security - Smart Lighting offers the benefit of added security whether at home, work, or out and about. IoT sensors can trigger the lights to turn on automatically in specific areas, both inside and out.

  • Sustainability - LEDs typically offer up to 70% energy savings compared to fluorescent lighting. IoT lighting systems can achieve a 30% energy saving on top of this which is a big win for organisations aiming to lower carbon footprints.
  • Arrow Lighting Division - Arrow offers a street luminaire control platform / node for individual and meshed luminaire applications, connected via Arkessa NB-IoT SIMs. The modular approach makes it easy to scale and allows users to create a customer-specific design.

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