We enable IoT devices to connect straight out of the box regardless of geography, network operator or wireless technology.

We provide Enterprises with a secure and future-proof M2M connectivity service that is easy to adopt, integrate and scale. We enable connections to personnel and assets no matter where they are in the world.

Connectivity Services

Connectivity as a Service

Our M2M Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) ensures reliable, resilient and cost effective connectivity to personnel, remote assets and IoT devices enabling them to connect to Enterprise or Consumer Cloud-based services.

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Global Enterprise IoT

Multi-network M2M service keeps Enterprises IoT-connected on land and at sea. Combining global roaming across cellular networks around the globe with Satellite service from Iridium, Inmarsat and Eutelsat (VSAT) provides true pole-pole coverage and a highly resilient, always-on connection.

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Arkessa Connect

The multi-network service will enable you to connect to any of the major GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G mobile networks. Arkessa Connect is configured as a non-steered roaming connection meaning that devices are able to connect to any available mobile network and that connection is chosen based on signal quality.

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VIP Connect

The VIP Connect service is a national/international multi-network cellular roaming solution which delivers a reliable connected experience for business users, tourists and coverage-critical industries.

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Mobile Broadband

For many companies, a large proportion of employees are in field or customer facing roles. Our Mobile Broadband solution keeps remote or mobile workers connected. It enables new businesses to get up and running quickly in new or temporary locations.


Our single- and multi-network roaming service spans multiple network technology and functions – SMS, CSD, GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G LTE. We have an expanding group of Service Provider partners and can provide flexible and optimised tariffs for home-market on a single-network, international roaming and on low to high-data use-cases.

Low Power WAN

We are engaged with all main LPWAN technology eco-systems and provide an aggregating function which enables adoption of multiple different wireless technologies into a single M2M connectivity management solution. Drop us an email for more information


Where cellular coverage does not exist, Satellite communications provides connectivity. Drop us an email for more information.


We provide tools and management services which simplify the deployment process and enhance the manageability and security of your M2M portfolio.
Our Connectivity Management Platform, Emport, enables you to retrieve and process information quickly and make smart decisions.


Management Services


A powerful web-based management platform which gives users visibility and control of their entire M2M device portfolio from any location, and at any time. An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface simplifies management, reporting and financial forecasting for your business.

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Secure Resilient Network

Secure transfer of critical data is a essential component of IoT systems. We offer an end to end platform solution which provides a private, reliable and secure M2M communications infrastructure with built-in failover protection.

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Our specialist support teams are focussed on delivering the best solution and user experience for all our customers. Commercial, technical and network engineering teams will provide the support, guidance and encouragement to ensure your questions are addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.


Support Services

Solutions Engineering

You will have access to our team of M2M solutions engineers to help make the right network and technology decisions.

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24/7 Support

Staffed by M2M experts our 24/7 support service will respond and provide proactive monitoring and issue identification around the clock.

Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal enables easy access to our FAQs, tutorials and provides convenient access to Customer Service teams by enabling you to create and monitor your support tickets online.

Panoramic View

Emport provides you with with ability to visualise your entire M2M connectivity portfolio. Graphical filtering really simplifies how you group, view and manage connections. A single view which abstracts network carrier, wireless technology and geography.

Management and Control

Emport gives you the tools to monitor device connection status and history across your portfolio. Remote diagnostics and management of device connections and data usage gives you the control you need to manage your portfolio.

Billing and Reporting

The powerful reporting features of Emport enable you to produce standard or customised reports with different levels of detail and granularity from a global audit of connections to individual devices. Billing and expenditure can be anticipated, monitored and managed.

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