Emport platform


Emport is a powerful web-based management platform which gives users control over their M2M estate and connection services from any location and at any time.

The comprehensive feature set enables users to securely manage device connections into and out of their estate and to monitor inservice data usage. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface simplifies management, reporting and financial forecasting for the entire range of IoT deployments.

Emport gives our customers, partners and resellers the ability to deploy M2M applications and services quickly and easily without the need for investment in their own network or cloud infrastructure. Emport abstracts the underlying network operator and technology thus future-proofing M2M and IoT connectivity management and provisioning.

Panoramic View

Emport provides you with the ability to visualise your entire M2M connectivity profile. Graphical filtering really simplifies how you group, view and manage connections. A single view which abstracts network carrier, wireless technology and geography.

Management and Control

Emport gives you the tools to monitor device connection status and history across your portfolio. Remote diagnostics and management of device connections and data usage gives you the control you need to manage your portfolio.

Billing and Reporting

Data usage can be monitored and managed, helping to control expenditure and increase data security. 

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