The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly making a real impact on businesses and human lives. With millions of devices being connected every day, IoT technology is bringing optimised levels of productivity, flexibility and efficiency into industries, homes and cities across the world.

By its very nature, connecting devices to the IoT poses a unique set of challenges, and security and network reliability come pretty high up on the list. Enterprises and OEMs integrating IoT technology into their business processes, supply chains and products need to consider the potential risks, including the challenge of keeping data and devices secure and service consistent and reliable. Over on the Ericsson Big Ideas Blog, Arkessa’s Iain Davidson highlights the importance of a robust global IoT connectivity strategy, and how enterprises can access this early on through establishing relationships with trusted connectivity partners.

Choosing a managed services provider to connect devices to cloud based services is an essential consideration in establishing secure and reliable processes and uninterrupted and optimised services for customers and partners. Once a device is connected, it becomes an integral part of an ecosystem, which in turn relies on connectivity to keep it intact and functioning. Secure and reliable connectivity paired with exceptional levels of customer service in the event of a problem with a device or a network give enterprises and their customers the reassurance they need to mitigate the risks associated with IoT.

Arkessa has been enabling and supporting customers with multi-network connectivity services for over 10 years. Our experience and subsequent IoT connectivity expertise allow Arkessa to act as trusted advisors to our customers and partners, particularly when swift and bespoke action is required, in the event of an outage or device issue, for example. The most convenient solution for the IoT market would be one singular cellular network, but the reality of the operator landscape is much wider and more varied, both technically and commercially. Roaming vs non-roaming SIMs, tariffs, high data vs low data, management platforms and dashboards are all considerations in finding the very best connectivity solutions to enable our customers and partners to deliver reliable, secure and scalable IoT.

Arkessa pre- and post-sales customer support is an essential element of navigating the operator landscape, in particular in terms of managing any commercial and technical network operator idiosyncracies on behalf of our customers. Arkessa effectively creates a single network view, simplifying the connectivity element of IoT for our customers, and allowing them to focus on their core business, whether that’s AI, Industrial Automation, Transportation, Retail or Lighting.

Arkessa has recently optimised its support service to offer extended hours and access for more of our customers in line with our growing international customer base, enabling us to offer optimal levels of support across an increasing number of time zones. This means that we are able to advise our customers and partners quickly and efficiently of the best course of action in the event of a network or device issue, whether local or global, without compromising the security of the connected ecosystem.

For more information on what to look for in a managed services partner for your IoT project, visit our Services page.

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