Arkessa simplifies access to global eSIM with AWS Marketplace

eSIM trial pack available now on AWS Marketplace

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eSIM is ideal for IoT applications requiring flexibility, global deployment and future-proof cellular connectivity.

Arkessa has made it easy to test our eUICC connectivity solution with the world’s first e-SIM trial packs now available through AWS Marketplace. You can purchase an eSIM trial pack with an Arkessa data plan to suit your testing location here.

As an integral part of the Arkessa eSIM trial pack available now on AWS Marketplace, Arkessa offers access to our dedicated connectivity management platform, Global Enterprise Connect. Use the platform to manage your connections, keep track of your data usage and access powerful automation features that help prevent fraud, control costs and detect faults.

Navigating the complexities of eUICC, and understanding how to make the most of eSIM for your IoT application can be a challenge. If you have any questions about whether eSIM is right for your application, or want to find out more about the Arkessa eUICC products and services, get in touch with our expert team. 

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