Global Reprogrammable SIM (eUICC & eSIM)

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eUICC and eSIM technology gives Enterprises control of IoT connectivity, simplifies international deployments of IoT devices and the transition to mobility services. Large scale international deployments are possible using a single factory installed SIM. The user subscription can be updated when the device is in the field.

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The eUICC SIM – a little innovation bringing big change to the IoT market. Read this Arkessa post on the Ericsson Big Ideas blog.

The emergence of eUICC technology has been largely driven by Enterprise IoT users as a means to increase flexibility, optimise costs, and simplify logistics of production, distribution networks and global deployment. Watch the video to hear more about the features and benefits of eUICC:

Deploying IoT devices into the global
market can be made easier by working
with the right partners and using
made-to-measure technologies like
eUICC and eSIM.

Mobility as a Service autonomous driverless cars
eUICC enterprise mobility

Arkessa makes it our business to bring these elements together in a single managed service leaving OEMs to focus on their core activities.

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GSM has been around for two decades now, but its use in IoT is sometimes hindered by the fact that the Mobile Network Operator profile on the SIM card, once installed, is hard to reprogram. embedded SIMs (eSIM) coupled with eUICC (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) technology, solve that problem with over-the-air provisioning meaning the eSIM need not be physically changed. This together with new cellular IoT technologies like NB-IoT and 5G will help simplify and future proof global IoT deployments.

eUICC represents a radical change in terms of how customers can select and change service provider profiles based on the different criteria of their choosing such as geography, data usage or other business rules. The automotive industry has been especially eager to embrace this new technology, as it gives them an exciting new way to increase flexibility, optimize costs, and simplify the logistics involved in car production, distribution networks and after-sales support.

The seismic shifts in the automotive industry are leading the car-makers to promote mobility services such as car-sharing, parking or charging assistance and even extend vehicle longevity or upgrade vehicle functions through over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

At Arkessa we see OEMs and Enterprises engaging in eUICC for a number of different reasons. For example they may have :

  • IoT deployments which stay in the field for more than 2 years
  • Global supply chains or distribution networks
  • Mobility solutions (people/products/services) which require roaming
  • Higher Data applications where the connectivity (data plan) is more cost sensitive

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