With a pretty wet spring behind us, thoughts are turning optimistically towards summer holidays and warmer climes. With travel in mind, read on for a closer look at how IoT could change our future vacations for the better.

Take to the skies

The Internet of Things has the capacity to take the stress out of our airport experiences and streamline the process of catching a flight. Alongside remote check-ins and improved luggage management using location devices and connected airport systems, there are many more opportunities for airports across the world to really make the most of IoT technology. One pioneering airport has already started using IoT to revolutionise travel. London City Airport received a grant to implement IoT technology across the board to enhance customer experience, improve operations by tracking airport equipment, and manage passenger flow throughout the airport. The airport reported fewer delays, fewer queues for information as passengers were kept up to date via apps on their smartphones, and less stress all round for passengers and airport staff alike.

Making it too easy?

There are concerns surrounding the potential for significantly reducing the amount of time that passengers will need to spend in the airport through the implementation of ground-breaking tech. Retail and other airport business owners have expressed concern that by streamlining the passenger journey and reducing the possibility of delays, customers will no longer have enough time to spend money at the airport. Apps enabling customers to pre-order food and drinks to be delivered to their airport seats may sound great in theory, but many airport retailers rely on browsing and impulse buys for the majority of their business.

Smart communication

It may be possible to offset retailers’ fears by providing the opportunity for customers to communicate with shops and businesses before they arrive at the airport, and for retailers to use location services to target individual customers with offers and personalised advertising. Enabling consumers to browse products using interactive screens throughout the airport rather than just in one dedicated shopping area could also open up greater opportunities for retailers and passengers alike – if you remember the sunscreen in the boarding queue, you could still pick it up before you get on the plane.

Smart connections

Personalising each guest’s environment during hotel stays using smart sensors, connected thermostats and smart lightbulbs may soon be a standard feature of an airport stopover. Increased security may include key codes on guests’ phones, or even wearables instead of keys, and ordering room service through a smartphone app could help hotels to increase efficiency levels and limit margins for error.

Before you fly…

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