Do you know how energy-efficient your boardroom is? How often that printer on the 3rd floor is used at the weekends? The difference a whole team meeting can make to your air-conditioning in your buildings?

Although we may not pay much attention to these sorts of questions on a day-to-day basis, the space in which we spend a great deal of our time – the office space – is extremely important to all of us, and the logistics involved in running large working environments are not to be underestimated. Facilities teams across all sectors face considerable challenges to keep businesses and their buildings running smoothly, efficiently, and safely, and IoT is enabling facilities teams to answer questions like those above and act on them armed with the very latest and most accurate personalised data.

The future of facilities management lies in maximising the potential that technology has to offer. Teams are constantly striving to maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity in our working spaces, do their bit for the environment as corporations, and ensure the comfort and safety of our workforces. IoT is already playing a key role in the way that innovative enterprises are managing their working environments by enabling companies to monitor and adapt their office spaces through decisions powered by real-time data.

Monitoring our working environment

Arkessa partner Yanzi Networks delivers a Smart Office solution using auto-provisioned IoT-sensors to monitor environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and light levels. By collecting real-time data and providing processed information to facilities teams, Yanzi is making a real difference to the sphere of facilities management. Watch this film to see the installation of over one thousand Yanzi IoT-connected sensors in a large office building in just four hours – an incredible feat of teamwork and technology, but also proof that IoT solutions such as Yanzi are enabling enterprises to approach facilities management much more efficiently and accurately.

Collecting and utilising the data

The communication of real-time data collected by the Yanzi sensors to the cloud-based platforms is provided via a 3G/4G enabled gateway (also with Ethernet and Wi-Fi) which bridges to the IPv6 (IEEE 802.15.4) wireless sensor network . The processed data and business intelligence provided by the Yanzi solution enables companies to make decisions based on real-time information about their working spaces – increasing their capacity to run their buildings in the smartest way possible.

Arkessa connectivity

The 3G/4G connectivity service provided by Arkessa compliments the rapid deployment and auto-provisioning USP of Yanzi. The cellular WAN approach enables the cloud connectivity without the need for interaction with local, often unwieldy, IT networks. The project depicted in the film showcases the rapid installation and retro-fit capability beautifully.

A recent Financial Times article highlighted that the rate of new office developments in London continues to rise. “More new office buildings broke ground in central London in the past six months than at any point in the past 20 years” they say but those numbers are of course dwarfed by the number of existing buildings in cities all across the globe.

Delivering IoT solutions with retro-fit and ease-of-use  built in makes Yanzi Networks stand out from the crowd. Arkessa is a proud to support Yanzi in making it easy to connect, manage and optimise building performance in a “city near you”.

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