As we wrap up and depart Barcelona after an incredibly exciting IoT Solutions World Congress, we wanted to share our top 3 highlights. We love the focus on SOLUTIONS and crucially how they address Security, Scalability and Simplicity – key criteria on which our Enterprise IoT customers almost always engage us.

Of course, security is always a big consideration, likewise scalability, but they are not the only demands to be met. Simplicity also ranks highly because Enterprise IoT  needs  solutions to have the capacity to be drop-shipped anywhere in the world and then powered on to dynamically configure themselves automatically or via a remote provisioning capability. Strong partnerships are critical in creating such solutions and the end-to-end services required to optimise their capabilities, and we were delighted to host and meet with so many of our key ecosystem partners and customers at the show.

#1 Buildings

The Arkessa team were honoured to have been selected from over 300 entries to present to Congress on how we enable secure, scalable and simplified solutions for building automation.  We were excited to be joined by a cool Arkessa partner IAConnects (IA) to showcase how we work together with technology partners including Intel, Beckhoff, Resin, EnOcean and IBM to create a building automation solution for manufacturing, office, commercial and domestic properties. Their solution is designed to be deployed in the IT/OT, Facilities Management and Insurance sectors.

  • Arkessa provide secure 3G/4G connectivity to Enterprise and Cloud Service Providers from anywhere on the planet. The cellular approach simplifies deployment and logistics.
  • The Resin docker container technology provides IA with fleet management capability. Device provisioning and firmware updates can be automated and managed remotely.
  • The EnOcean sensor devices are self-powered and can be deployed quickly without the need for wiring.

#2 Freight

Honeywell featured prominently in the exhibition halls, particularly with Connected Freight, which also featured at the Intel and Google Cloud booths. This shipment monitoring solution ‘drives out waste in your high-value supply chain’ by providing cost-effective, real-time shipping data to all players in the supply chain, even at the package level, and all the way from factory to international distribution hubs in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

  • Low-cost sensor tags and wireless mesh technologies connect to cloud-based management applications via WiFi, Cellular or Satellite gateways.
  • Secure Device Onboarding (SDO) helps simplify the deployment of sensor tags on a massive scale by removing the need for hard-coded or manual activation methods. As well as zero-touch provisioning, SDO eliminates poor security practices such as shipping default passwords.

#3 Air Quality

We enjoyed meeting with the team from Bosch and were especially excited to congratulate them on winning the Best Industrial IOT Solution award for their Air Quality Climate Monitoring System (MCMS). As we all know, air pollution is a global problem, particularly in urban areas, yet authorities often have inadequate resources to measure and address urban pollution and health problems. Historically, air quality monitoring solutions have been bulky, expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and impractical to adopt for widespread deployment. Bosch have adopted Intel IoT technology to create MCMS, a comparatively low-cost, smaller form factor unit which can be deployed more broadly to deliver highly localised air quality monitoring.

The Bosch IoT-based MCMS helps to create a crucial analytical link between the cause and effect of pollution while also being optimised for speedy deployment with minimal additional infrastructure investment.


It was clear to everyone who attended #IOTSWC17 this week that strong and dependable partnerships hold the key to creating and deploying successful IoT solutions that are secure, sustainable and easy to use. There needs to be a focus on Security, Scalability and Simplicity throughout each and every stage of an end-to-end Enterprise IoT solution. Events like IoT Solutions World Congress are a great opportunity to showcase what can be achieved through strong partnerships and we are already planning next year with our partners. See you there!

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