A recent report by McKinsey highlighted strong growth in Enterprise IoT across multiple sectors, which is a trend we are already witnessing together with our global partners. In this blog we take a closer look at the report’s findings and how Arkessa are helping partners and customers scale up Enterprise-grade IoT.

Business leaders have an increasing level of clarity on how IoT can help optimise their plans and McKinsey report that trust and confidence in IoT is growing, with companies now executing plans to deploy connected devices within their businesses. An incredible 98% of companies surveyed across different sectors have enterprise IoT initiatives in their strategic road maps, including those related to improved service operations, customer experience, increased visibility into operations, enabling new business models, and optimising new product and service offerings.

So IoT is taking hold in every sector and for Arkessa we are seeing particularly strong growth in Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Drones, Transportation, Retail, Facilities Management, Digital Surveillance, Energy and Utilities. This uplift in international and enterprise-scale deployments is a reflection of strong execution together with our global partner network.

Just this week, for example, Fujitsu and Arkessa announced another success for our partnership in a new connected solution for the global retail sector – enterprise IoT at work helping to transform the retail space. Last week, we reported on 3 enterprise-grade IoT solutions which stole the show at #IOTSWC17.

The McKinsey report also indicates some of the reasons that have previously caused businesses to hesitate, including some possible obstacles to deployment and optimisation. They identified capability gaps that could limit enterprise IoT’s potential include concerns about successfully integrating IoT solutions into existing business work flows, managing and monetising data, and struggles with data extraction from internationally deployed assets.

The Arkessa experience is that Enterprises place substantial value on three things more than anything else when it comes to adopting new disruptive technology – Security, Scalability and Simplicity.

As an enterprise MVNO service provider, Arkessa address all three.

  • We underpin enterprise IoT Security via a series of authentication, encryption and privacy measures including fixed/private IP addresses, Private APN and VPN technologies. This means devices are connected privately and securely to Enterprise IoT platforms or to Cloud Service Providers including AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, SAP.
  • eUICC technology (reprogrammable SIMs, removable or embedded) has removed the security and logistical headaches associated with traditional SIM cards. Arkessa offers eUICC with a global bootstrap profile and the management capability to switch devices between mobile networks according to business rules, enabling Enterprises to be less dependent on commercial preferences or vagaries of MNOs. The control that this gives is hugely attractive to Enterprises, as is the ability to implement zero-touch device onboarding across large-scale international deployments.
  • Enterprises need only sign one service provider and perform one integration to access these security and global scale benefits from Arkessa. Once in service, enterprises need only engage one technical and commercial support team and international enterprise IoT deployments become significantly easier, thanks to the technical and commercial flexibility of Arkessa’s MVNO services.


McKinsey indicate that as more companies discover the benefits of secure, scalable, simple-to-deploy enterprise IoT, growth is likely to make another sharp upturn. As confidence grows, and trust in connected solutions spreads across different sectors, the sky is the limit as far as enterprise IoT goes. We look forward to sharing updates as we work with our partners to disrupt traditional business models, optimise operations, and make life easier for enterprises through connected technology.

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