More and more users around the world, prefer to manage their accounts online, everything from banking, insurance, utilities to music, TV and Smartphone services. The same is true in the business world and the trend will only accelerate as Enterprise IoT adoption continues to grow. Arkessa provides Emport, a platform that allows Enterprises to optimise manageability of connected assets but also to control costs, improve service reliability and scale internationally.

There are already billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things and as the impact and scale of Enterprise IoT kicks in, that number will soar. A recent report on Enterprise IoT by McKinsey provided insight on that opportunity and identified some skills gaps:

  • 92% of respondents stated that Enterprise IoT would have a positive impact over the next three years
  • 70% of respondents cited skills gaps in “integrating IoT solutions into existing business workflows” and 48% highlighted gaps in “managing data”

With Emport, your Enterprise can manage all of their IoT connections and address the management and integration challenges highlighted by McKinsey much easier. The platform offers an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical dashboard through which customers monitor, manage and report on their IoT estates. It is a web-based service that can also be licensed or integrated into Enterprise systems via the Emport API.

You can even customise the platform to reflect your own brand and direct your customers to your own “Help and Support Service”.

So what is Emport really all about and what are the benefits?

Emport makes Enterprise IoT easier and enhances productivity. It is a global Enterprise solution which enables you to integrate data flows and manage connected devices and assets all in one place. A single dashboard which aggregates connections from multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and the Arkessa Connect global roaming solution.

Imagine trying to operate an international Enterprise IoT solution with multiple different MNOs, different management and billing platforms, different APIs and different commercial terms. It would be impossible but it would be complex and place extra burden on staffing, training and everyday operational workload. The Arkessa platform makes this much easier and has some critical benefits:

Control Costs

Using this platform, you are in control of your data usage, saving time and minimising the potential for cost overruns. This is achieved using powerful filtering tools that allow you to easily focus on the connections of interest. You can sort your connections in various ways (e.g. by geography, by application and by connection status), monitor data usage and set alerts to get early warnings of data overrun.

Emport also allows you to cap or even quickly suspend connections, preventing new data sessions from being started, should overuse or erroneous behaviour be detected.

Improve Service Reliability

Arkessa’s commitment to quality and security is reflected in the Emport platform which has a number of reliability enhancing features.

With Emport, you can monitor and manage connection status (live, alerted or suspended), fully analyse data connectivity in detail and perform fault analysis by running diagnostics.

Privacy and Security are built in to Emport and the supporting network infrastructure. The features and benefits of Private IP Addresses, Private APNs, VPN and VRF are illustrated in our Secure Private Network paper. Up at the user level, you can also have secure username and password protection for individual M2M devices, minimising the risk of unauthorised use.

Scale Internationally

Arkessa supplies global roaming services as well as localised services via multiple international MNOs. Emport helps your business grow because you can deploy any or all of those options and manage them through a single dashboard. This removes the need to interact with multiple MNOs and the commercial vagaries that this entails. Likewise it removes the need to interact with your M2M SIM portfolio via different management and account interfaces leaving you with more time to focus on your core business operations.

Emport is easy to use as a standalone web-hosted management platform or the APIs can be leveraged to integrate into your preferred Enterprise IoT platform or Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

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