For many of us, the internet has become an intrinsic part of daily life, like electricity and running water. When moving home, internet connectivity now sits alongside historical utilities in a buyer’s pile of set-up requirements, but is often the last to be completed. We take a look at how Mobile Broadband and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can aid new build properties from the first day of construction, right through to the buyer’s moving in day.

Anyone who has had a hand in construction will tell you that a basic requirement of a site office is connectivity. From accessing plans to tracking deliveries of materials, an internet connection is required to keep on top of the constant changes to budget and timescales.

Whether you’re redeveloping unused land in an urban environment, or building in a remote location, fixed line connectivity is hard to come by. With a Mobile Broadband WiFi solution, your business can rely on out-of-the-box connectivity, providing secure and reliable internet with rapid deployment at 2-3 days notice. By utilising connections to multiple network(s), the solution offers higher bandwidth and/or more resilient data connectivity.

Construction software solutions, such as those available from Causeway, enable you to keep an eye on your budget and use telematics to track deliveries of materials, as well as scheduling job allocations for your workforce.

Building sites with security issues can be a problem of the past, with vehicle and asset tracking from TRAAKIT. Their tracking solution enables you to keep a virtual eye on your equipment from anywhere in the world, as well as giving you the ability to set an “invisible fence” around your machinery which will alert you should it move outside of this area.

For construction jobs with media hype, or impatient investors, site monitoring from Lobster Pictures provides a high-definition view of exactly what is happening on site. Their rugged Lobster Pot solution helps your business to cut down on site visits, saving time and money. Time-lapse photography can even be live-streamed to a website to allow the public to track progress – the ongoing extension to the Tate Modern in London is a great example of this.

When it comes to Marketing your properties to potential buyers, on-site internet gives the ability to sign purchase agreements, track sales, and allows Buyers to request finishing touches such as décor, whilst being able to track the progress of their property – saving continual telephone calls to request updates.

A bonus selling point could even be the ability to provide pre-arranged internet from the day they move in, by using Mobile Broadband. This allows the new residents to set up remaining utilities and update their address with local authorities, banks, and GPs with ease, whilst they wait for their permanent fixed-line internet connection to be installed.

As we move towards the Smart Homes and Smart Cities of the future, full interconnectivity will help to streamline the construction process, as well as taking some of the headache out of moving house, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait. Cellular connectivity gives us the ability to connect no matter where we are (or what we’re doing).

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