Child Angel IoT Wearable helps parents “Keep Calm and Kids play on”

15 Dec 2015

The number one priority when you become a parent is to keep your children safe, so that feeling of panic when you look around you in a crowded public place and realise you can’t see your three year old is the stuff of nightmares. If you were at a theme park, in a shopping mall, or at a busy Christmas market when the unthinkable happened, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a gadget to help both you and your child find each other as quickly and as calmly as possible?

Arkessa are excited to be providing the connectivity for Child Angel – an innovative new device worn by children to give their parents and carers greater peace of mind when they are out and about. Powered by an Intel processor and built by Robert Bosch Engineering, Child Angel is pushing the boundaries of technology and design. Using GPS, Wi-fi, BLE and cellular networks to deliver accurate location readings to your smartphone, the technology tells you exactly where your child is at all times and enables you to find each other quickly in an emergency.

Founder and inventor of Child Angel, Andrew Purcell, CEO, decided to develop the device following a frightening few minutes at the shopping mall when he lost sight of his young son. The pair were happily reunited soon afterwards but the experience left Andrew eager to develop a product that would help parents if they ever found themselves in the same situation.

Child Angel is designed to give children aged 3 -10 freedom and independence, alongside the peace of mind and reassurance it provides to parents. The innovative technology within the device sets it apart from other wearable trackers on the market, making it a truly world-leading globally connected device, which provides coverage both indoors and outdoors wherever you are in the world. Geofencing allows parents to set safe zones and the device sends an alarm to your smartphone if your child crosses their safe zone boundary. Children can also send an ‘I’m lost or worried’ signal back to their parents or carers from the device.

There is so much more to the capabilities and possibilities of this ingenious new device, however. The world-leading technology enables the wearable to transmit biometrics information about the wearer – for example the device contains sensors and a pattern matching engine to let you know when your young ones have fallen over or are riding their bike. Speed/movement sensors measure  activity levels which can be transmitted real-time or as a weekly report straight to your smartphone.

Child Angel is the perfect example of how IoT can provide enhanced connectivity with the things that matter most, giving us and our children reassurance in today’s world. Watch this space to see where it takes us next.

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