Managing road traffic with IoT?

Road traffic management systems that enable a smoother flow of traffic and safer more efficient diversions in the event of roadworks or an accident are a welcome addition to any public highway. Connected road signs are often an essential component of such systems. While some departments are still managing traffic flow vertically by deploying different applications that are often unconnected to one another, urban and inter-urban congestion issues can be improved further by connecting road signs with traffic information systems and with other environmental data feeds. Highways Agencies can collect real-time data regarding congestion, traffic incidents or roadworks and the information can be used to automatically apply restrictions or changes to highways, such as speed limit changes and traffic diversion.

Security and reassurance

It is essential that the connectivity between the systems, signs and traffic lights is secure and that measures are taken to prevent, detect and manage security breaches. Road users need reassurance that the systems they depend on during their journeys will keep them safe, and that the messages directing the traffic flow are reliable and accurate. Following a recent story in the press of a singular road sign in New Jersey, USA being hacked and its message changed, some reassurance is required. As the BBC article reports, vulnerabilities have been discovered in systems in the US, France, Australia and China, as well as in the UK. As Smart City technology gathers momentum, and more and more urban development incorporates connected devices and IoT, the need to provide different security layers across all connected systems becomes ever more important.

Secure Connectivity

One of the underlying problems, as the article implies is that many companies although experts in their field and vertical markets have not always received the best advice and support from their connectivity service provider to fully assess, implement and maintain the appropriate networking or security choices. Arkessa’s team of M2M Solutions experts have extensive experience in guiding our customers through their assessment of vulnerabilities and what protection can be put in place.

There are many standard measures that your connectivity service provider can help you with to reduce the possibility or impact of attacks from as many angles as possible.

Secure, Resilient Networking

Limiting communication channels to/from IoT devices, routing data via private network infrastructure and adoption of encryption and authentication techniques can all make a positive impact. Real-time automated monitoring of device connection status and data usage via a connection management platform also provides an additional level of defence.

These and further measures create resilient and secure connections for our customers. For further information on Arkessa security, download our Secure Resilient Network briefing document here.

Arkessa has years of experience in deploying M2M successfully and securely together with some incredible and innovative customers serving the full spectrum of the Transportation sector from Journey monitoring to Connected Vehicles. Security is and always will be a concern. We are ready to help.

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