Our partners, Icomera AB were recently recognised for their role in delivering Motion to 75 million rail travellers in the UK using the London – Birmingham and Midlands transport network. Motion is an onboard entertainment solution that gives passengers access to films, TV programmes, books and games for free whilst travelling on the train. The Icomera Connected Journey only begins there however. Read on to discover how a new generation of digital infrastructure and high performance wireless internet connectivity is transforming the transportation sector.

Arkessa partner Icomera has been leading the way in the connected transport sector for the past 16 years. The recent recognition for their role in London Midland’s onboard entertainment and connectivity solution is well deserved and certainly comes as no surprise. In their own words, Icomera is leading the connected travel sphere ‘in a digital revolution – a turning point in the way in which humans travel’. Connected transport solutions can make all the difference to the passenger experience, as well as improving security and logistics for transport providers themselves.

transport - icomera connected journey

Icomera delivers connected transport solutions that enable providers to deliver a better customer experience and serve as a platform for reducing the risk of vehicle faults, breakdowns or delays and improving their eco credentials. Passenger loyalty and operational efficiency are critical for a healthy bottom line. A secure, resilient, and open connected platform solution is also the basis for new digital revenue streams.

In-house hardware and software development is augmented through partnerships and Icomera only work with industry-leading partners to deliver high performance connectivity that is both efficient and reliable. In addition to passenger experience enhancements this also enables transport operators to be in constant communication with their vehicles remotely, allowing them to monitor, adjust and improve their performance, location and efficiency.  For example, wireless technology within in-vehicle cellular routers allows transport operators to track and analyse passenger footfall and vehicle location which can facilitate staffing and scheduling optimisation and help reduce delay and overcrowding.

Icomera deliver exciting and innovative connected transport solutions and are leaders in their field. We are delighted to partner with them and provide reliable and secure connectivity for their services. We look forward to supporting them wherever their innovation and imagination leads them in the future.

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