NEWS: Arrow Electronics Introduces New Shiratech iCOMOX Condition-based Monitoring Products with NB-IoT Cellular Connectivity

Arrow have brought together Shiratech, Arkessa and Microsoft to facilitate an Azure cloud-connected, cellular-enabled NB-IoT predictive maintenance product.

The Shiratech Intelligent Condition Monitoring Box: iCOMOX NB-IoT monitors operating conditions from the surface of the equipment to identify potential faults and reduce risks associated with equipment operation and maintenance.

iCOMOX (SRT-COMOX-NBIOT) uses an NB-IoT modem to send sensor data, analysis and status updates to the cloud fromvibration, magnetic-field, temperature and sound sensors.

Easy to deploy and install, with a compact form and flexibility the box is suitable for a variety of machinery and equipment.

Combining advanced sensor technology with low-power, wide-area Arkessa connectivity services enables disruption of the industrial machine maintenance model at scale.

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