In this, the third blog of the series: Arkessa talks reprogrammable SIMs; we ask ‘how does eUICC help Enterprises deliver differentiated products and services?’

In this series, we discuss eUICC and reprogrammable SIMs– what it means and what benefits it brings. This article explores the ways in which Enterprises can use eUICC and eSIM technology to differentiate in a future environment where large-scale adoption has placed the market place on an even keel. The next question is how Enterprises can use this technology to improve the experience of their customers, increase customisation options, and optimise product development. The truth is, eUICC is designed to enable flexibility. Read on to find out exactly how this flexibility can be used.

Localised Global Reach

First of all, it is worth recalling that reprogrammable SIMs can maximise network access and also enable localisation and management of global connectivity. These factors combine to give Enterprises a greater degree of certainty over their Global Reach and mobile data costs. Alongside this increased confidence comes the ability to design and roll out key differentiating products and services.


Reprogrammable SIMs will have a profound impact on logistics in a number of ways:

eUICC enables the creation of products for a global marketplace using a single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). Remote Provisioning of the connectivity means that devices can connect straight out of the box once they are in the hands of the customer. They can then be updated with a localised subscription and tariff. Should the device roam across international borders then localisation can be maintained. Should the device change ownership or be redeployed through a reverse logistics program then subscriber details and tariff can be updated over-the-air (OTA).

Global Enterprises operating large-scale international networks of staff and assets are most likely to be among the first to adopt this technology, as it can allow them the flexibility and control over costs and connectivity they need to optimise their global operations.

Logistics companies will leverage eUICC to increase the reliability of tracking systems, to connect to local networks wherever they are in the world, and to enable them to better inform customers or individual components of their global supply chains.


Car-makers and distributors are also early adopters of eUICC technology as they continue the pursuit of mobility solutions such as Mobility as a Service and car sharing. eUICC combined with specialised management and billing mechanisms support multiple data sessions (infotainment, telematics, navigation etc), split billing for different data owners, and service providers, all through localised and cost-effective data plans.


Reprogrammable SIM technology also underpins vehicle customisation, increasing customer retention and improving customer experience. OTA subscription updates simplify purchasing and ownership changes, PAYG schemes, international usage. They also help to create a secure and reliable platform on which application software updates can be performed.

Application software or firmware updates are key for field customisation but will typically involve data transfers, which are higher and less deterministic than the regular usage. Customers will always argue that they shouldn’t have to pay for routine firmware changes, although they often do for those which deliver desirable feature updates.

Localisation of the network subscription means costs can be managed and be more deterministic. OTA firmware updates can be confined to taking place when devices are on a local network with favourable tariffs. The localisation capability of eUICC means that this can actually be without geographic limits. As mentioned before, split billing capabilities mean data charges associated with routine maintenance type updates can be separated from customer-requested feature updates.

There is a very strong possibility that eUICC and eSIM could become the technology that makes all the difference to Enterprises seeking to provide their customers with the very best customised and reliable service, by optimising the customer experience and inspiring trust in connected products. For more information, read the other blogs in our series to find out more about how eUICC works and how Remote Provisioning can benefit global companies. Read the Arkessa whitepaper on eUICC and optimising Mobility here.

Note: This is the third of three blogs on Reprogrammable SIMs. Click here for the first  and second.

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