Welcome back to our new blog series: Arkessa talks reprogrammable SIMs, in which we discuss the technology behind reprogrammable SIMs, and the benefits they bring to Enterprises and whole industries.

In the first article, we explained the features of eSIM and eUICC technology and how it works to optimise connectivity in devices deployed in geographically dispersed,  hard-to-reach locations or in mobility applications.  In this, the second article in our blog series, we take a closer look at the benefits of reprogrammable SIMs. How can implementing over-the-air (OTA) connectivity Subscription Management make a significant difference to manufacturing processes, global supply chains, logistics management and sales figures? Read on to find out.


Is an eUICC-based reprogrammable SIM different from Global Roaming – and how is it better?

Global roaming SIMs are technically and commercially preconfigured to enable access to a defined set of mobile networks to provide global coverage. For example, the Arkessa Connect, global roaming SIMs connects to approximately 500 network in 200 countries. The convenience of global roaming is critical for multi-national businesses like Automotive, Transportation, Logistics, Industrial and other Global Enterprises but also for companies seeking to maximise in-country coverage via multiple networks. Sourcing a single global connectivity solution from one provider simplifies the contractual and support processes as well as optimising the product design, testing, deployment and operation of IoT devices.

For many Enterprises, this is sufficient however eUICC-based reprogrammable SIMs extend those benefits and provide an even greater degree of commercial flexibility and future-proofing.

Commercial flexibility : network roaming leverages the global roaming exchange (GRX) network and there is a cost overhead for this which become more significant for higher data volumes. With eUICC technology, it is possible to program SIMs remotely to enable them to join local MNO network subscriptions, helping companies to avoid roaming costs and adhere to local laws and regulations.

Future Proofing : having the ability to switch network subscriptions over time will allow Enterprises to take advantage of latest commercial offerings and technologies including 4G, NB-IoT and 5G. History has shown that applications evolve in response to network capacity, latency and costs. eUICC will make this product and service evolution easier.


Why purchase OTA reprogrammable SIMs?

One of the key advantages of eUICC and the associated Subscription Management services is that it allows ownership and management of global network connectivity to be placed in the hands of Enterprises. It gives them autonomy over their connectivity and better control of their assets and data across the globe. Connectivity and Subscription Management can reflect corporate policies and business rules directly.

This control and autonomy will underpin data monetisation strategies and help Enterprises to better manage and simplify their global supply chains, optimise manufacturing and logistics processes, and improve sales and Reverse Logistics tracking. Some real eUICC usage examples:

  • a Connected Car or Transport OEM selling to international markets and providing numerous services from Mobility (location, navigation, telematics – lower data) to driver/passenger Infotainment (higher data)
  • a Logistics operation looking to optimise tracking and reduce waste, losses and create the right conditions for superior delivery SLAs and customer experience
  • a Security or Insurance company looking to take advantage of wirelessly connected video cameras
  • companies with large field teams who want to better connect their people and vehicles to optimise field operations and customer experience
  • a smart watch OEM looking create a single SKU and ship to international markets and have their device connect straight out of the box with simple commercial terms easily understood and affordable to the consumer
  • an industrial equipment OEM with machines on global production lines are optimising after sales care and machine availability
  • companies building new technologies like VR and AI into their services


Keeping things simple

eUICC gives Enterprises flexibility and control over their global connectivity strategy. Sourcing the technology and management services from a single provider with world class expertise makes this easier and future proof. To find out more, read the Arkessa whitepaper on Optimising Enterprise IoT and Mobility eUICC.

Note: This is the second of three blogs on Reprogrammable SIMs. Click here for the first and third.

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