The Retail sector is facing some very real challenges, with particular pressure being felt on the high street so far this Christmas shopping period. On the other side of the scales, e-commerce giants like Amazon are reporting record numbers of shoppers buying gifts online. Competition with the e-commerce sector represents a challenge, but arguably also an opportunity for bricks-and-mortar stores, encouraging them to up their game. Embracing connected technology is one way that high street stores can start to deliver a better in-store customer experience to gain an advantage over their online counterparts.

The Arkessa Team were on location at the Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford to record our latest podcast episode. We wanted to see for ourselves exactly how IoT-connected technology is bringing customer data to life for retailers, enabling them to deliver better customer service and optimised product offerings.

Meghan Davies and Richard Appleton discuss the ways connected technology is already making a difference to the high street and investigate the kinds of IoT connected retail solutions we might start to see in store in the future.

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Coming soon on the Arkessa podcast…Smart Spaces – making the most of the IoT to connect shared spaces, from airports to offices, houses to hospitals.

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