Micro-Mobility in focus – Future Proof and Secure Fleet Management

In 2020, things are really starting to gather speed for the Micro-Mobility sector due to the support of IoT (Internet of Things) and the possibilities the tech offers. When discussing the topic today, autonomous driving, car sharing electric bikes and e-Scooters will no doubt come to mind. This blog takes a closer look at how micro-mobility has become so dominant in the market when just four years ago it was barely heard of.

How does modern technology help?

IoT solutions offer the opportunity to connect fleets and drivers, giving fleet managers remote, detailed insights into their operations, allowing for better business strategy. The concerns of a Fleet Manager go far beyond ensuring goods arrive on time at the correct location.  They are looking after vehicle maintenance, fuel, staff, driver safety and wellbeing, security efficiency, eco credentials and adherence to green initiatives. IoT offers the ability to connect, track and observe assets, no matter where they are.  Efficient planning means a win for both businesses and the wider world.  The key features are:

Urban Infrastructure – Dockless micro-mobility solutions like e-scooters and bikes use GPS technology and other smart features powered by IoT. We can locate and reserve available transportation in our area and activate it using a smartphone app. Whilst we are using the vehicle, the app calculates time and distance to determine how much the ride costs and charges us upon completion of the ride. IoT connectivity also allows micro-mobility companies to gather valuable data on commuting trends in each city where they provide service, which has numerous potential applications in city planning and transport improvement.

Maintenance – keeping the fleet on the road is essential.  Preventive/predictive maintenance using embedded sensors means issues are picked up before they cause a problem.  Tyre pressure, faults with equipment, breakages – all can be monitored remotely.

Green Credentials – Considering the impact of what we do on the environment has become significantly more important in the last decade, and IoT supported tech really helps.  Using data gathered from sensors and other reporting equipment Fleet Managers can plan more efficient routes and limit vehicle idling times, helping to reduce excess fuel pollution.  The increased deployment of green transport such as e-bikes and e-scooters is also boosting the transport network.  IoT assists here, not least with embedded sensors and eSIMs allowing the tracking and control of these valuable assets.

Supporting drivers and users – Autonomous vehicles are very much on the horizon but in the world of fleet management, people are still key.  Adhering to safety regulations and keeping drivers happy, safe and healthy is of great importance.  Sensors can provide predictive weather analytics, excellent for supporting optimal delivery times and routes or assisting the customer renting an e-bike or scooter.

Security – At Arkessa, we provide eSIM solutions which boost security and ensure future-proofing.  Theft is, unfortunately, an inevitable potential consideration for any fleet manager. However, if an e-scooter fitted with an eSIM were stolen, the SIM removed and placed in another device, this could be detected using the IMEI number associated with the chip in the eSIM.  It is also possible to limit which websites can be accessed and block data usage.  This lowers the level of financial loss in the event of theft.

Scalability – A key aspect of future-proofing fleet management is the ability to easily scale fleets according to requirement, reducing wasted data and equipment.  IoT assists easy movement of fleets across cities and countries whilst the use of eSIMs mean that different SIM profiles and tariffs are available as and when required, without vendor lock-in or long-term commitments.  In practice, this means that these assets are easily moved around and SIMs are only active and using data when needed.

This is the first in a series of Micro-Mobility blogs, so check back soon for more information on this fascinating subject.

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