Arkessa enable Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connections anywhere in the world. We create and manage connections to fit all requirements and provide best-in-class customer service.

We have years of experience working with some great people.

Why choose Arkessa?

We are a one stop shop for Wireless Connectivity to the IoT. We enable our Customers and Partners to connect to their devices regardless of network or technology.

Our goal is to future proof Enterprise connections to the IoT. See our Services page for more.

Our Experience

Our specialist experience in M2M connectivity and management services has been built over many years through collaboration with a diverse range of customers, each with their own unique needs, challenges and purpose. See our Experience page for more.

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Arkessa offers a customised remote monitoring solution with SIEMENS SINEMA REMOTE CONNECT Industry 4.0 and the digital networking of manufacturing processes will make it possible to manufacture products at lower costs and in a manner that is more flexible, energy-efficient, resource-saving and customisable. For machine builders and vendors remote internet access will allow them to […]

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Historically, industrial or technological revolutions have often been met with a certain degree of opposition or at least trepidation. Workers have been concerned about being replaced by machines throughout the history of the developed world, and often these fears have proven unfounded. With new technology come new and different types of jobs, and we are […]

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Lastest blog post from Arkessa - encouraging future generations to embrace #tech and find their career in #IoT.…

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