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Businesses with complex or multiple sites can find it difficult to track and manage assets and to maximise their buildings’ energy performance.

Being smarter about how you track and use assets or energy can increase efficiency and reduce consumption, lowering costs and cutting wastage.

IoT monitoring and Intelligent Building Control Systems based on IAConnects systems and Arkessa secure mobile data are deployed in multiple different roles and services.

Remote Conditioning Monitoring and Asset Tracking or Management in Airport and Hospital environments.

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Lighting, Energy Management and HVAC Control for Facilities Management in Retail and Enterprise environments.

Process, Environment and Asset Tracking or Management in Distribution Centre and Manufacturing environments

Mobile data-enabled (3G/4G) advanced Building Control Systems can be quickly provisioned & deployed into Offices, Airports & Hospitals, Warehouses and Manufacturing sites enabling building managers to create safer, more energy efficient & higher performance buildings through:

(i) AUTOMATION – remove reliance on manual inspection, data collection & data entry

(ii) process COMPLIANCE with best practice & health/safety policies

(iii) remote MANAGEMENT of assets & workflows

Most businesses will lean towards fixed lines, Ethernet and WiFi as the primary form of wide area network (WAN) and infrastructure connectivity but these are primarily for mainstream business operations, workers, and consumers.

Services like building controls, facilities management, asset management and logistics are often out-sourced and often impeded when they attempt to use those existing networks assuming they actually exist. A mobile networking solution enables 3rd party providers (3PP) to deploy and connect quickly and securely with sensors and actuators from sources including OPC UA, BACnet, DALI, EnOcean and Analog or Digital I/O. The main providers of Cloud technology including IBM, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are all supported.

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building control

Optimising utilisation and performance of
Buildings, Assets and Processes with 4G-enabled
advanced building control systems.

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The IAConnects MobiusFlow enabled Gateway allows connectivity and control of wired and wireless devices to be provisioned via a managed mobile data service.

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