Arkessa partner TracknStop™ has announced a commercial agreement with leading delivery service providers JMC to equip their Ireland-based fleet of delivery vehicles with the TracknStop™ security system.

‘Arkessa are delighted to be providing the connectivity for this exciting new partnership between TracknStop™ and JMC. Enhanced security and peace of mind are very important for all of our partners and this is particularly relevant in the logistics and the connected truck communities’ – Andrew Orrock, Arkessa CEO

Arkessa provide TracknStop™ with a round-the-clock, globally-secure network solution and a centralised management platform which enable them to manage and monitor connections to and from all of their connected vehicles.

‘We partner with Arkessa to ensure we have optimised worldwide connectivity 24/7. This was an aspect we needed to ensure we got right. After all M2M connectivity and an ‘always-on’ approach is vital for our service. Arkessa have supplied us with this as well as the platform required for global scale.’ – Stephen Kehoe, Co-founder, TracknStop™

TracknStop™ and their customers can track and geo-fence vehicles in real time, monitoring their location and allowing them to react quickly if a vehicle is not following the predicted route. The TracknStop™ security device enables customers like JMC to disable a vehicle if something were to go wrong, giving them extra reassurance in the safety of their fleet wherever their vehicles are.

The trend for connected vehicles is growing rapidly, and the future of the connected fleet is looking extremely exciting. It appears inevitable that in the future, the majority of fleets will be composed of autonomous vehicles. The success of the pilot semi-trailer platoon safely arriving in the Netherlands earlier this month as part of a collaborative experiment involving six different European countries indicates what may come over the next few years.

Remote tracking, control and security of the fleet – autonomous or otherwise – is essential for logistics, utility and public service organisations. For more information on how Arkessa enable TracknStop™ to operate globally and how the connected and future autonomous fleets can be facilitated with secure, reliable connectivity please visit

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