M2M & IoT Experience

We are a specialist M2M service provider with over 10 years of experience in the smart technology market. We have deep experience across a diverse set of applications covering the full spectrum of IoT use cases. Several of our customers are connecting hundreds of thousands of devices across our networks.

Arkessa helps others Transform their business.

Our ecosystem partners include application development platforms, new disruptive device manufacturers, established OEMs, global system integrators and network service providers in cellular, satellite and the emerging low power wide-area radio technologies.

We empower IoT devices to operate anywhere on the planet.

We enable Enterprises to drive operational efficiencies and to enhance customer experience.

We collaborate to create Smart Cities which improve the wellbeing and safety of its people.

Case Studies


Arkessa’s Managed Connectivity service gives BGlobal the operational and commercial visibility and control they need to deliver superior customer service.

By sourcing connectivity on multiple different networks via a single provider and support team, BGlobal is able to concentrate on its core services and business expansion activities.

Arkessa provide our meter connectivity and provide day-day transparency of the status of our connected assets. This has enabled us to significantly reduce re-visit costs, reduce fitting time on site and optimise logistics and the supply chain. Thanks to Arkessa's Emport we are able to analyse what happens in our network. The service and support people are excellent.

Stephen Mayhew, Director of Information Services, Bglobal
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Arkessa’s Connectivity as a Service enables the Climote home heating controller to connect straight out-of-the-box and deploy in any country.

The first-time cellular connect capability simplifies installation and enables direct connection and control from our smartphone App bypassing the often undependable home wifi network.

“Arkessa’s solution enables us to provide a first class service to our customers, and their technical support is second-to-none, helping us to continue to innovate and expand our connected home products.”

Derek Roddy, Co-Founder, Climote
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Arkessa’s Connectivity as a Service enables Child Angel to connect straight out-of-the-box and deploy in any country.

The first-time cellular connect capability makes it easy and quick to deploy and remotely activate Child Angel while also extending battery life and removing the operational complexities of dealing with the vast array of mobile network operators across the world.

“Working with Intel and Arkessa has accelerated our development and go-to-market plans. Both partners have been vital in creating a product strategy and roll-out plan with global scale. Arkessa's first-time cellular connect capability makes it easy and quick to deploy into international markets. That reliable first-time connectivity also plays a significant role in extending battery life which is critical for wearable technology and a clear differentiator for Child Angel.”

Andrew Purcell, Founder, Child Angel
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In-vehicle Wireless Broadband keeps remote workers connected to the Enterprise systems via a secure, fully-managed mobile broadband service provided by Arkessa.

Field service personnel can be fully informed in real-time ensuring they get to the right place at the right time and with the right kit. Multi-network solutions allow channel bonding (for higher bandwidth) and/or channel diversity (for added resilience).

“Arkessa’s Mobile Broadband connectivity and management ensures that the Hyperconnected Van maintains enhanced reliability for connection to the Internet of Things, regardless of location.”

Graeme Wright, Director of IoT, Fujitsu
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A fully managed connectivity solution from Arkessa creates a cost-effective global interconnect between Siemens industrial routers and PLCs, HMI and Sensor systems.

Siemens now have the ability to collect and analyse data from internet-connected sensors and derive immediate operational insights and increased operational efficiencies.

“…flexible deployment and enhancing operational efficiency for end users is at the forefront of our industrial communication strategy. Our new solutions partnership with Arkessa, is key to driving this forward ”

Ian Poulett, Industrial Communications & Identification, Siemens UK & Ireland
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Arkessa provide Tracknstop with a global network solution and a centralised management platform to monitor and manage connections to/from each of the vehicles they are deployed in.

This enables Tracknstop to track, monitor and geo-fence vehicles in real-time. Recovering vehicles and saving lives.

“ We partnered with Arkessa to ensure we had 24/7 connectivity worldwide. This was an aspect we needed to ensure we got right. After all M2M connectivity and an 'always-on' approach is vital for our service. Arkessa have supplied us with this as well as the platform required for global scale”

Stephen Kehoe, Co-founder, Tracknstop
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Arkessa provide Vysionics with the secure, reliable high-bandwidth connectivity needed to allow rapid deployment of their mobile ANPR systems wherever they are needed.

Vysionics ANPR has been shown to save lives by reducing speeding and road traffic accidents. Improved traffic flow overall means journey times are not significantly affected.

“With Arkessa’s M2M platform we have a single APN into multiple mobile operators which simplifies security and the management of multiple carriers. Being able to remotely monitor, manage and track our roadside assets from a single online portal helps us ensure that re-deployable assets are being fully utilised.”

Scott Paton, COO, Vysionics
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The communication of building utilisation data collected by the Yanzi sensors to the cloud-based platform is via a 3G/4G enabled gateway which bridges to the IPv6 (IEEE 802.15.4) wireless sensor network.

The business intelligence provided by the Yanzi solution enables companies to make decisions based on real-time information about their working spaces – increasing their capacity to run their buildings in the smartest way possible.

"The 3G/4G connectivity service provided by Arkessa compliments the rapid deployment and auto-provisioning USP of Yanzi. The cellular WAN approach enables the cloud connectivity without the need for interaction with local, often unwieldy, IT networks."

Patrick Walsh, Chief Success Officer, Yanzi Networks


Beckhoff Automation uses Arkessa’s 3G/4G cellular connectivty to create a global remote access solution for their family of Industrial PCs (IPC).  Secure, resilient access to operational technology (OT) is a fundamental component in bringing remote monitoring, predictive maintenance  and Industry 4.0 to manufacturing environments.

Machine builders – Robotics, CNC, Cutting, Packaging – leverage the direct remote access to deliver and optimise maintenance services of machines deployed anywhere in the world and across an array of industries such as Building and Urban Automation, Wind Turbines, Entertainment and Printing.


Arkessa’s Connectivity as a Service enables the Interior Automation solutions to rapidly deploy into built environments  – hospitals, airports, civic infrastructure and buildings.

Aggregating multiple I/O and Sensor technologies via an Industrial controller and a 3G/4G WAN connection enables Interior Automation to retro-fit into older, established buildings as well as new. Interior Automation helps their customers optimising usage, space, energy efficiency and health and safety compliance.


IBM’s new Watson Internet of Things (IoT) is a cognitive system that learns from, and infuses intelligence into the physical world. Interconnection with the physical world – whether that be Automotive, Transport, Cities, Buildings or Healthcare – is made easier using secure global connectivity services from Arkessa.

Combining physical data streams from Urban and Enterprise IoT deployments with Artificial Intelligence from Watson creates the intelligence on which IBM platforms MAXIMO Asset Management and TRIRIGA Facilities Manager can operate.

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